G Spot Stimulation Techniques And Tips

Oral Sex Techniques

A guide to oral sex techniques includes different methods and oral sex tips that can help both women and men perform better oral sexual activities on their partners. Oral sex is the sexual act of stimulating the genital area by using the mouth and tongue. Cunnilingus refers to the sexual activity of performing oral sex on females, while fellatio means oral sex performed on males. Oral sex techniques advise that oral stimulation can be an essential part of foreplay, but it can also be practiced during intercourse or after.

The best oral sex men can give women involves licking, gentle sucking and intense tongue activity all around the vaginal area, clitoris and inside the vagina. Oral sex on a woman must be performed slowly at first, so that the body has time to lubricate and get perfectly aroused. The tongue should be used to lick the vaginal area from the vaginal entering and up to the clitoris. By drawing a woman’s labia into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue, a man can offer a great deal of pleasure while performing oral sex.

Having oral sex with a woman implies that the man should be attentive to her body movements and reactions. Men can thrust their tongues in and out of the vagina, while also exploring the outsides of her genital area. Varying firm tongue strikes with clitoral stimulation is a great recipe for good oral sex. A man can circle the clitoris with his tongue or use a flat tongue to cover more space. While doing this, he can insert one or two fingers inside the vagina and, by a comeback movement, he can try to locate the G spot and stimulate it. Alternative stimulation is one technique for mind-blowing orgasms that can be found in any guide to oral sex techniques.

Women can provide the best oral sex to men by slowly kissing their way down a man’s body and by putting just the tip of the penis into their mouths for extreme arousal. This movement can be followed by light sucking and kissing up and down the stem. A gesture that will bring intense sensations in most men is taking the testicles into the mouth. One of the most common techniques of having oral sex with a man requires women to take the erect penis into their mouths and rhythmically caressing it with both hands and mouth. Stimulation must be applied with lips and tongue on the outside of the penis or on the inner membrane. Suction is used when it is time to create more pressure and friction. Such oral sex tips are very efficient when it comes to enhancing sex life and bringing both partners closer to deeper orgasms. | RSS | Sitemap
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