G Spot Stimulation Techniques And Tips

G Spot Stimulation Techniques

One way of bringing a woman to experience mind-blowing orgasms and even multiple orgasms is G spot stimulation. Because the G spot is considered to be one of the most sensitive and pleasurable areas of a woman’s body, there is a small doze of myth and facts regarding the G spot. But not matter the stories, specialists have proven its existence, therefore discovering the G spot, learning to stimulate it and truly enjoying it are the essential next steps in learning the best ways of proper stimulation.

Physically, the G spot is a spongy, bean-shaped tissue of the paraurethral gland, or in simpler terms it is the counterpart of the clitoris. It is located inside the vagina, a couple of inches up the vagina wall and it is believed to be the female equivalent of a male prostate. It was discovered in the 1950′s by a German gynecologist named Ernst Grafenberg. Its stimulation can produce deep and intense sensations in women because the small portion of tissue is full of blood vessels and nerve endings. So, when the female G spot is touched and properly stimulated, it can cause multiple orgasms.

When searching for the G spot location, the male partner should make sure that he has plenty of lubrication available. Either he uses his fingers, a sex toy or is trying to activate the G spot through penetration, he must properly lubricate a women before aiming to find the G spot. That is why foreplay is crucial. Not only that it sets the lubrication flow on, but it also arouses the body. Through arousal, the G spot will get bigger and it can be easier to find. Other details that a man needs to know before attempting to discover the G spot location include the fact that the index and middle finger should be well lubricated. He should place his fingers a couple of inches into the vaginal opening and make a comeback movement while pointing towards the belly button. The female G spot should be felt as a piece of small tissue on the vaginal wall and it should be stimulated by a constant tapping movement.

The G spot can be stimulated by manual fingering, during sexual intercourse or with a sex toy. There are many types of G spot vibrators available on the market that are designed specifically for the G spot area and are very effective in enhancing the sexual experience. G spot vibrators are available in a wide selection with different types of curves. Specific sexual positions like doggy style, woman on top or spooning are ideal for G spot stimulation because they allow a wide space for pelvic motions.

One successful way of bringing a woman to experience a G spot orgasm is a combination of fingering with penetration. While she is penetrated from behind, the man can trace the inside of her vagina with his fingers, while rhythmically thrusting in and out. The fingertips should always reach the G spot for better G spot stimulation, while finding the right rhythm and pace can cause an intense orgasm. | RSS | Sitemap
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